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For anyone trying to lose a few pounds but just can't seem to find the motivation, the website is daring you to put your money where your mouth is.

Fatbet encourages its users to set up a wager amongst friends on who can lose the most weight. Although you can, the website does not want you to wager money. Rather they are looking for creative bets like forcing the loser to buy dinner, do some farm labor, or swim to a nearby buoy.

The weight loss is judged based on who loses the most percentage-wise. Using Fatbet is simple: just sign up for a free account, set a weight loss goal and enter an end date for the Fatbet and create a wager.

Everyone uses his or her own scale. A good scale is required; grandma's old bouncing needle scale just won't cut it and that's because the scale is the final judge.

By the way if no one meets their goals everyone has to pay the Fatbet. The website can't force anyone to do so, but if you don't receive your due, maybe you need new friends.

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