In this economy, adults are facing real challenges and doubts.

Fresno, CA Richard Johanson, Fresno Author: "So, you took each day as it came to you and did your best to do as good as you knew how." After the war this former marine would help his generation build a new and more prosperous country; saving for tomorrow, conserving today and putting family first.

Today families, according to health professionals, will have to find ways to be honest about financial setbacks with their kids.

Keith Delaere with Kaiser Permanente Mental Health said, "Because kids are very perceptive, they can pick up on the stress level in the household." He also said children can absorb the information when adults explain in an age appropriate way about the family's situation; the kids are being exposed to it. They're hearing about it; just talk honestly and openly."

Extended families all over the valley are feeling this pressure.

Cheryl Lehns takes care of her 20 month old grandson, Talan. She's close to her son and daughter-in-law, this is one grandmother determined to help them; she was raised by close knit kin in Hanford.

Cheryl Lehns, grandmother said: "These are my grandparents, I wouldn't know what it would be like not to have a grandparent and i wanted to be sure their children know what it was to have grandparents." Her daughter-in-law agrees, she took inspiration from her grandmother's history. Janell grew up hearing the stories of how the young widow found the means to feed and raise three kids.

Janell Attebery, working mom said, "My grandmother never graduated high school so that was a struggle for her to go out and find a job ."

Aaron Attebery, working dad said, "We heard a lot of stories about how hard they worked, now that I'm older and working and things like that it just shows how important those things were for us growing up."

For his mother the strength of her wide family circle brought safety, support and love; far more important said Delaere than a trip to Disneyland, or two new pairs of kicks or the latest I-phone.

Keith Delaere, Kaiser Permanente Mental Health: "So there's different ways for families to bond to spend time together that's valuable and important."

Richard Johanson, Fresno Author said, "Nobody had money to spend so we just found ways to have a good time, just being together and every family has a story to tell."

Keith Delaere, Kaiser Permanente Mental Health: "Send the message, the story of hope, that even in tough economic times that we as a family, we have a heritage and a history of survival and we will survive too."

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