Dots for Wrinkles

ORLANDO, Fla. Sandy Rowland is on a mission -- a mission to rid her face of wrinkles.

"I feel young, you know, now I want to look younger," Rowland told Ivanhoe.

Today, Rowland will have a new laser procedure called DOT therapy.

Roger Bassin, M.D., a plastic surgeon from The Bassin Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Fla., says microscopic puncture wounds, or "dots," deliver CO2 energy that tightens skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Because the laser beam is split, it leaves areas of healthy skin between the rows of dots. Traditional lasers target all the skin -- often causing severe burning and scabbing.

"We would blast all the skin off at once," Dr. Bassin told Ivanhoe. "It would look like you got dragged on the pavement by your face pretty much. That's how patients would describe it."

The DOT laser can treat wrinkles, Crow's feet, sun spots and even pre-cancerous lesions.

Rowland says the discomfort is minimal. "Like a little sting, but it's not painful," she told Ivanhoe.

Patients get a topical numbing cream instead of anesthesia. The downtime is as little as three days. The recovery for traditional laser therapy is up to two months.

After 10 minutes, Rowland is done.

47-year-old journalist Denise Enos had the DOT procedure as part of a recent assignment.

"I am always skeptical, as a reporter," Enos told Ivanhoe.

Her results weren't drastic, but she says she's happy with them.

"What you have to expect is an improvement that some people might not even notice, but that shouldn't matter if you notice," Enos said.

Like every cosmetic procedure, this one-time treatment comes with a price tag -- $2,000.

The results are permanent. Dr. Bassin says the only people who wouldn't be candidates for this procedure are those with serious medical problems or patients on chronic steroids.


Christine Freche
The Bassin Center for Facial Plastic Surgery
Orlando, FL
(877) 333-FACE

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