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Unfortunately, the number of accidents has increased, too.

Action News Anchor Matt Keller has more on the consumer reports tests.

Rosemary Lacolla said her scooter is a great way to get around town.

Rosemary Lacolla said, "I don't like to take it out on big highways because people can overlook it. But I like to take it into town, pick up a couple of things and just for joy rides."

Besides being fun, scooters are great on gas. In its tests, consumer reports found they deliver 55 to 70 miles per gallon around town.

But Jon Linkov said, "They can only go about 50 miles per hour. That means that they're not allowed on many highways and it could be difficult to keep up with traffic."

Even on the streets it's pretty intimidating riding alongside faster, larger vehicles. Safety is an important consideration. Road imperfections and varying surface conditions you don't notice in a car can be hazardous on a scooter.

Jon Linkov said, "Even the smallest car gives you some level of protection, while on two wheels you're completely exposed."

Even so, fluctuating fuel prices and a tough economy have sent sales of scooters through the roof.

Consumer reports tested six. Three entry-level ones with 50 CC engines and three others with 125 to 150 CC engines. The prices range from $1,000 to $4,400 dollars.

When all the tests were done, the $3,300 dollar Vespa lx-50 and the Kymco, people 150 CC scooter for $2,800 dollars were best in their class. Each has a smooth engine and rides comfortably.

Consumer reports said you always want to wear protective gear on a scooter, ideally gear that's brightly colored to make you more visible. And if you're a new rider, consumer reports said get some professional training. It's available through the motorcycle safety foundation.

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