Wild Weather in the Central Valley

Fresno, CA The storm created a spectacular light show out in the Fresno County town of Helm. Most of the thunder storm activity began after midnight. Watch video above for more ..


From Local Weather Spotter Will Rohde:

It was my turn, I guess, to go out early this morning/late tonight and chase the thunderstorms raking across the Valley floor. Yikes, I found it, dead on, and right in the middle of the hailstorm. Was a wild chase south on Highway 33 and some side roads. Had to turn around a couple of times, but I found my way home. Truck was covered with dime and nickel size hail, could barely see out the windshield and hope I didn't ruin my wiper motor.

Out and about at 2:30am and decided to go towards Auberry and Copper Avenues to watch the lightning show. It was over by 2:50am, and I headed home in the torrential downpour that followed. Coming eastbound on Shepherd Avenue, I got about 3/4 of the way thru the intersection of Clovis, and KABAMMM!!!! My truck was yanked one way and then went into a sliding spin that turned me around headed west, so that I was completely blocking Shepherd Avenue. I sat there for a minute and thought what the hell did I just hit??!! Got out of the truck to see my drive train laying in the road, plus part of my back rim (off the tire). I walked towards the intersection and found the manhole cover had blown halfway off and was laying catawampus and sticking up...so I hit that at about 40mph. I was already on the phone with Clovis P.D. and they had officers enroute. The second officer that arrived hit the other manhole in the intersection that had popped up too, and tore off part of his car as well. What an ending to a night!! Can't wait to hear what the insurance company is going to say. I won't be out chasing for awhile...that's all I know...unless I'm on my bicycle. ;)

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