Violent Scene Ends on a Houston Freeway

HOUSTON The whole crazy scene started in the 2500 block of West Little York. Witnesses describe several vehicles driving around each and then exchanging gunfire.

At some point after the shooting on West Little York, the vehicles involved got into some sort of a chase that ended up on I-45. When they were finally stopped by officers, they were in the middle of the freeway. Two innocent drivers who could not stop in time slammed into the patrol cars.

There were some tense moments as the scene unfolded on the freeway.

Nathan Adams, one of the drivers who slammed into an officer's vehicle, recalled, "The officer that was in the car came out with an automatic weapon. He got his bullhorn out and was telling people to get out of the car, get out of the car. There was four more people in the car. Officers came out with their weapons as well, drawn towards the cars."

Officers took four men into custody with no additional shots fired. It's believed that one person was injured in the original shooting on West Little York and taken to an area hospital in unknown condition. The two innocent drivers involved in the collisions were unhurt, but their vehicles will need repairs.

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