Business Continues at Local GM Dealers Despite Filing

Fresno, CA During a press conference President Obama announced taxpayers will now have a sixty percent stake in G.M. He also explained how the auto industry's success or failure will impact the entire country. "If G.M. and Chrysler re-made and re-tooled themselves for the 21st century, it would be good for American workers, good for American manufacturing and good for America's economy."

G.M. will come out of bankruptcy as a much leaner company. Several assembly and part manufacturing plants are expected to close and some vehicle models will no longer be produced. Still, Hedrick says customers really won't notice any big differences. "Yes, your warranty will still be honored, yes, there's still going to be parts available, yes, there will still be dealers around to work on your vehicle," said Hedrick.

The owner of the Auto House repair shop in Clovis also shares that reassuring attitude. Darryl Lowitz says whether you have a G.M. vehicle now or you are thinking of buying one in the future, there will be parts available. He sees no reason to shy away from purchasing a G.M. vehicle. "That's what I drive. That's what I've always driven and I will continue to buy G.M products," said Lowitz.

There are still some questions as to whether the bankruptcy filing will have an impact on resale values. The Chrysler filing did have a small impact on some models.

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