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The story of three girls who were top students in high school, but their illegal status in this country made college seem impossible. They are all attending Fresno State and are members of a club called "Dreamers in Action Standing", named after the dream act. The proposed federal legislation would provide certain undocumented students who entered the country as children the opportunity to earn permanent residency.

For more information on the Dream Act, visit the Library of Congress and enter Dream Act in the search box:


New York Life
In a time when it seems most companies are not hiring. One well known company has several sales positions available. A representative of New York Life explains what the positions are and how they can benefit the Latino community.

There are 30 position in financial services sales and sales management. For information, call NYL: (559) 447-3656


San Joaquin River Parkway
For more than 20 years, the San Joaquin River Parkway has been working to preserve and restore the river. Learn about the programs that promote educational, agricultural and recreational uses for the area.

San Joaquin River Parkway
River Camps begin June 22
The first Community Gathering is July 4th at Lost Lake
For more information:

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