Fresno PD Search for Bus Stop Murder Suspects

Fresno, CA Police have spent the past days profiling these suspects and shaking down Southeast Fresno neighborhoods. While they don't know if the suspects are from that immediate area, they are sure they at least frequent it.

Police questioned a group of men Friday afternoon regarding a disturbance. They are not murder suspects but one was a gang member on parole out of Oakland.

Its three fewer suspects they'll have to contact as they search the streets of Southeast Fresno for the killers responsible for gunning down /*Jorge Niño De Rivera*/.

Officers are inching closer ... each time they reach out for help on the streets. They are even asking for assistance from gang members.

Officer Randy Dobbins said, "There's people who the shooters have spoken to. There's folks who are associated who heard third person. There's people out there that know and for those folks, for their conscience, they need to come forward and share what they know."

Police are focusing on apartment complexes where loitering is a problem. It's a good opportunity for officers to talk with residents and potential suspects about the murder. So far, police believe the suspects are west Fresno gang members.

"I'd be surprised if they aren't someone we already know. Someone that we've had contacts with in the recent past. I wouldn't be surprised if they are juveniles, young adults who've had contacts with law enforcement. In that respect I think we know generally the type of person that they turn out to be. As far as specifically their identity, we haven't firmed that up," said Officer Dobbins.

Investigators are no longer counting on finding Niño De Rivera's bike anymore. It was stolen during the murder and since it was publicized officers say it's not likely they'll recover it.

Since the stepped up efforts began on Monday police have made 142 arrests and 50 of them were for other felony crimes.

Police are especially concerned because they believe this crime was random. Anyone with information is urged to call police.

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