Tea Time in Tulare: Thousands Angered About Taxes

Fresno, CA Organizers said 15,000 ralliers showed up in Tulare Saturday morning demanding limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets, something they believe they are not getting.

Thousands of people from all over the central valley gathered at the Tulare Agri-Center Saturday morning for a 4th of July "Freedom Rally Tea Party."

"This is the most patriotic thing I could be doing on this 4th of July," said rallier Michelle Riddle.

Tea party organizers are using the historical 1773 Boston Tea Party revolt against British taxation to unite people now who are against the current government's billion dollar bailouts.

Tea party organizer Jared Gordon: "The tea party is just about those limited 3 values: limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets."

Ralliers said under President Obama's leadership unemployment has continued to increase. There is also much finger pointing at state government for valley water shortages and increased taxes.

"You can't fix the economy by taxing us to death," said Riddle.

"We feel like we all have to speak with a very loud voice in order to be heard because we feel like we're being ignored," said rallier Adam Deis.

Boston tea party is a lightning rod statement," said marketing and economic professor Dr. William Rice.

Rice said the tea party movement is a counter reaction to Obama's message of 'Change' but does not appeal to everyone who believes in fiscal conservatism or limited government.

"What I'm seeing is the variety of people who are getting together have something because they are against something. They might not always be for something but they're against something," said Rice.

Tea party organizers say their numbers continue to grow and believe rallies like these will bring about the change they desire. 600 other tea parties were scheduled across the United States Saturday. Organizers said there will be more rallies in the coming months here in the Valley.

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