Valley Animals Fear for Their Life on July 4th

Fresno, CA Fireworks filled the central valley sky July 4th. While this display of TNT can be great fun for many can have the opposite affect on animals.

"The noise, the bright lights, the different pitches," said supervisor Mike Arens.

All factors that can drive animals crazy and away from home. Arens only has 3 humane officers in Fresno county to help capture these runaways.

"The day started off pretty heavy and once the dark started coming it got nothing but worse," said Arens.

Arens and his team usually respond to 3 or 5 calls a night each. Saturday night 20 dogs were captured and turned over to the Central Valley S.P.C.A. where owners like Susan Dann and her fiancé from Sanger hope to reclaim them. They are looking for their black Labrador retriever and black German Sheppard.

"It's heart breaking. It's absolutely devastating," said Dann.

Every animal that comes through these doors is scanned for an electric tag with owner information.

"I think maybe fireworks scared him and then we found him near our doorstep," said Lisa Cervantes.

Cervantes hopes this kitten's owner knows to visit the S.P.C.A. However, officials said the downturn in the economy is creating a new problem for them.

Many pet owners are having a difficult time affording the reclaim fee. It has increased and can vary depending whether an animal is spayed or neutered. That means many of these pets may have to call this home for a few more days.

Rescued animals continue to be dropped off Sunday night. If you are looking to reclaim your animal you will have to come back Monday morning to do so.

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