Jakarta Suicide Bombers Caught on Tape

Jakarta The explosions in Jakarta happened within minutes of each other.

Eyewitness said: "It was so big, especially at the Marriott. There was suddenly white smoke in the air and then about 5 minutes later, the Ritz Carlton got hit."

Authorities believe suicide bombers set off the explosives that ripped through the Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels. At least 9 people are dead and more than 50 wounded, including 8 Americans.

The Obama Administration condemned the attack and promised to help the Indonesian government with its investigation.

Robert Wood, Deputy State Dept. Spokesperson said: "Look, these were acts of terrorism. These acts are committed by people who don't want to see Indonesia succeed, they want to democracy disappear from Indonesia."

Investigators said these twin attacks captured in this surveillance video bear the signs of Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant group with ties to Al Qaeda. Authorities said the suicide bombers had checked into the Marriott 2 days before and smuggled in explosives.

Bambang Hendarso, Indonesian Police Chief said: "The same kind of explosives was used for the two attacks, which were assembled in room 1808 at the J.W. Marriott hotel. There was one undetonated explosive left in the room and we have confiscated that."

Investigators are the leftover bomb for possible clues that could identify who made it. High profile clients from around the world stay at these luxury hotels, which has led authorities to conclude that foreigners were targets.

Although the national security threat level remains the same, in New York City, police have stepped up their presence at some high profile hotels.

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