CSU Trustees approve 20 percent fee hike

Fresno, CA Now undergraduates will pay about $700 dollars more and out of state fees will go up to one thousand dollars.

Angry protesters spoke out against the CSU Board of Trustees plan to raise tuition yet again for state college students. A CSU spokesperson says this is something they had to do in light of the financial problems in Sacramento.

Claudia Keiths said, "When the state cuts half a billion dollars from your budget, we are really faced with no good options. Our employees will be taking furloughs. We'll cut enrollment."

Fresno State Freshman Sylvia Agavo says she is already losing sleep over how to pay for her education.

"Reality hits you and it's kind of like a slap in the face," said Sylvia.

Taryn Gomez said, "It's a lot to be paying almost five thousand a semester."

In 2007 CSU undergraduate fees increased by $252.00. In 2008 it went up another $276.00. In May of 2009 the board of approved an additional $306.00 increase that goes into effect this fall. The latest increase at another $672.00 creates a total of more than 15 hundred dollars in tuition hikes over the past three years.

Fresno State President John Welty admits the cuts will hurt. He said, "Unfortunately, this will mean restricting opportunities for students and their families throughout our diverse region."

Students are also worried about other rising expenses

"The parking permits to park on campus are doubled now," said Adriana Resendis.

Terrell Powers said, "I get eight thousand a semester plus books and then tuition."

So what are many students planning to do?

"Work," said Terrell.

Manuel Delatorre said, "Most likely I'll take out a loan."

In hopes the future they are footing the bill for now pays off in the end.

Students will begin to see these fee hikes as soon as next week when students begin to receive bills with the more expensive changes.

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