Bizarre News-Space Sneeze

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - Sneezing in space is nothing to sneeze at. Astronaut David Wolf and the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor answered some questions from kids and teens posted on YouTube. Wolf responded to one kid who wanted to how do you sneeze in a space suit? Wolf says he's done it quite a few times, including during a space walk this week. He says you have to -- quote -- aim well. Wolf notes that if you sneeze all over the inside of your space helmet there's no way to clear the view. Endeavour is on a 16-day mission to the international space station. NASA plans to have Wolf take part in another space walk today.

TREE ALPINE, Ariz. (AP) - Christmas is already on Ted Bechtol's mind. He's now picked the tree that will stand outside the U.S. Capitol this holiday season. Bechtol is superintendent of grounds for the Capitol. He reviewed ten final candidates for the tree and chose an 85-foot blue spruce from Arizona's White Mountains. Bechtol didn't spend too long making up his mind. He says the selected tree is nice and tall and has good color. But it has a trunk 27-inches across. Bechtol says that could be a problem when it's time to cut the tree and move it to Washington in November.

UNDATED (AP) - Spelling counts -- especially when you're looking for a job. A typo or two on a resume might just keep you among the ranks of the unemployed. Three out of four executives surveyed say a typo on a resume would disqualify a job applicant. The poll was done on behalf of the staffing firm Accountemps. Max Messmer is chairman of Accountemps and author of "Job Hunting for Dummies." He says a potential boss might assume that if you make mistakes on your resume, you'll do the same on the job. He recalls one applicant who wrote "Hope to hear from you SHORTY." And another who addressed a letter to "Dear Sir or MADMAN."

HOUSTON (AP) - It's Xtended versus Xtreme Lashes. And now we'll see who blinks first. Both companies sell kits for extending eyelashes, a trendy and expensive procedure. It looks like a jury will decide the legal issues between the two. Each company contends the other is treading on its trademark and is confusing consumers. A federal appeals court in Houston has ruled a jury should sort out the legal claims and counter-claims.

BOND IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - Charles S. Curry needed bail money. Now, Iowa City police charge he used money stolen from a bank for his bond. Police say Curry cased-out a bank and talked with a teller. According to authorities, Curry left and a second man armed with a gun robbed the place. Investigators say Curry used the bank money to pay a bond on an outstanding theft charge warrant. He's also accused of spending some of the loot at a Wal-Mart and a department store. Police are now looking for other possible suspects.

DERRY, Pa. (AP) - Fire Chief Derrick Bollinger now has his Dalmatian back. The volunteer fire chief from Eastern Derry, Pa., had to give up Halligan five years ago when he moved. Bollinger and some other firefighters recently rescued two other dogs from a cliff. The dogs were taken to a local animal shelter. Officials there told Bollinger they had a Dalmatian up for adoption that might make an ideal firehouse mascot. Bollinger then discovered the Dalmatian was his long-missed pet, Halligan.

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