Bizarre News-Green Hornet

SAN DIEGO (AP) - Rockets, machine guns and a big flame-thrower -- that's how Seth Rogen rolls. Or rather his alter ego, "The Green Hornet." Rogen stopped by Comic Con in San Diego to unveil the new Black Beauty. That's the Green Hornet's ride. It's bristling with enough firepower to make even General Patton happy. The car is a heavily modified '65 Chrysler Crown Imperial that Rogen will drive in the big-screen version of the "Hornet." Rogen plays the masked crime-fighter in the upcoming film.

MILWAUKEE (AP) - Happy the hippo may soon be even happier. The hippo will be shacking up with a pair of female hippos at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Patty and Puddles will be sharing their new digs with Happy, who is moving from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The 28-year-old Happy was born at the National Zoo, but needs a new home. The zoo is expanding its elephant exhibit and is using Happy's space. Zoo officials in Milwaukee hope they'll have some little hippos if Happy gets really happy with his new lady friends.

PERRYVILLE, Md. (AP) - Ilya, the wandering manatee, is still taking in the sights north of the nation's capital. The manatee has been spotted again, this time swimming up the Susquehanna River, where it empties into the upper Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It was also seen in the bay earlier this week. The U.S. Geological Survey keeps a database of manatee photos. Wildlife experts tell the big sea mammals apart by the markings on their tails. Ilya hadn't been seen outside the Miami-area before arriving in Maryland. Officials at the National Aquarium say Ilya looks fine, but he'll have to swim home before eastern waters get too cold in the fall.

HONOLULU (AP) - An environmental group in Hawaii has a beef with the Wienermobile. The Outdoor Circle says frankly, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile violates the ban on vehicular advertising. The group hopes the Wienermobile's recent visit to Hawaii will be its last. But Oscar Mayer corporate parent Kraft Foods says it had all the proper permits for its big dog.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Maybe we'll have to call it Wheaties 2.0. The Breakfast of Champions is getting a makeover. General Mills says a new version of Wheaties will be launched in September. The company says it's testing three versions of the new Wheaties, including one with bran flakes, fruit and crunchy almonds. But fans of the old Wheaties don't have to start hording their favorite cereal. General Mills says the original Wheaties will still be sold when the new version is released.

PAW PAW, Mich. (AP) - Michigan troopers didn't have to go very far to make a drunken driving bust. Authorities say the suspect drove onto the lawn of the Michigan State Police post in Paw Paw. Troopers report the driver was visibly drunk and had vomited on himself. According to the troopers, the man picked the wrong spot to stop and rest. Police say he has a history drunken driving arrests and his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

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