Groups rally against Obama health care

RALEIGH President Obama is pushing for a dramatic revamp of America's health care coverage.

Positioned directly in front of the school's sign, the group consisted of GOP members, citizens opposing big government and members of the Freedom Works organization.

The protestors told Eyewitness News they believe Obama's health care reform bill will kill the country, taxes will increase and people won't get the care they need.

A second group, led by Americans for Prosperity, also gathered in Raleigh Wednesday for a rally opposing the Democratic-led push to overhaul the country's health care system.

The conservative political advocacy group met at a hotel ballroom a few miles from Broughton.

Americans for Prosperity says it supports free market health care delivery in contrast to what they worry would be too much government involvement in the industry.

The group plans to hold rallies in six North Carolina cities with the same message.

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