Bizarre News-Cheater Assaulted

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) - A man prosecutors say was tied up, humiliated and assaulted by his wife, two of his lovers and another woman as payback for his cheating ways has been jailed on accusations of child abuse and other misdeeds according to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin police. Four women, including the man's wife and two women alleged to be his lovers, are accused of luring the 36-year-old man to a hotel room last Thursday before tying him up, blindfolding him and gluing his penis to his stomach. Each is charged with being party to false imprisonment, a felony, and one is charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, a misdemeanor.

THREE RIVERS, Mich. (AP) - Authorities say a man has been arrested in Three Rivers, Michigan for barking at a police dog as officers responded to a call Monday night. The Three Rivers Police Department says a 26-year-old man "began to torment" a police dog inside the patrol car by barking and shouting at it, causing the animal to become excited and "very aggressive." The man was arrested and later released on bond. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct.

HOUSTON (AP) - A Houston man has been charged with "improper photography" for allegedly using his camera phone to take pictures up a legal assistant's skirt at the Harris County criminal courthouse while pretending to tie his shoelaces. Bryant Gerley Munoz was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly took several pictures under the skirt of a 29-year-old legal assistant. Constable Lt. Bill Ruland said Munoz was at the courthouse on a misdemeanor drug charge.

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - A Casper, Wyoming woman has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for trying to spring her pit bull from an animal shelter. Twenty-six-year-old Jessica Johnson pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy to commit misdemeanor property destruction and criminal entry. Johnson told a Natrona County judge she broke into the shelter because her dog had been unfairly classified as a vicious animal and she was afraid it would be killed.

TOWNSHEND, Vt. (AP) - Turns out it wasn't a statue of Dennis Rodman, and police now say it wasn't really stolen. Vermont State Police investigated the theft of a 7-foot bronze statue from a hospital charity auction. Police later said the statue wasn't really Rodman and that it had been taken for safekeeping by an auction patron when it was left on the town green after the event. A spokeswoman for Grace Cottage Hospital says the Rodman rumor started when an advertisement said the statue could be the former NBA star.

NEW YORK (AP) - Even Walter Cronkite himself got it wrong, helping perpetuate an unfounded claim that newscasters in Sweden and Holland had been nicknamed "cronkiters." Apparently, the first journalist to publish it was Pulitzer-prize-winning author David Halberstam. In a magazine piece in 1976, Halberstam wrote that Cronkite's international stature was such that, "in Sweden, anchormen came to be known as Cronkiters." Cronkite himself mentioned it in "A Reporter's Life," his 1996 memoir. And when Cronkite died last month, The Associated Press published it in his obituary. Turns out, no evidence nor accounts uncovered thus far confirm its truth. That's really the way it is.

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