52 Valley Mayors Call on President Obama

Fresno, CA "The farm workers, the tax payers of this world are begging you to help us!"

This desperate cry from Orange Cove mayor Victor Lopez is aimed at President Barack Obama. Lopez and 51 other Valley mayors have all signed a letter asking the President to visit the areas plagued by drought and rampant unemployment.

Lopez: "We're in this together. We are going to stand together. We're gonna have victory Mr. President."

Paul Rodriguez said: "If you look behind me this is an American tragedy. We have people in line here for food."

Actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez is a playing a new role as chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition (C.L.W.C.). Rodriguez spoke to the residents of Mendota to see first hand how they have been affected.

Rodriguez: "It is a tragedy that we are here. We shouldn't be here. All of us should be in our fields. We should be doing something else."

The drought has been going on so long here on the Westside that for many people here this is their 3rd, 4th, even 5th time in this line. For many it is embarrassing but they say they'd rather eat than starve.

Patricia Castro: "When you're in need you forget all that stuff. Not just for me but for my kids."

Residents like Castro count on food drives like this one hosted by the food bank. Everyone here Tuesday received enough food for two weeks.

Food Bank director Dayatra Latin said: "Each person in the household will receive enough food for breakfast lunch and dinner."

"Water! Water! Agua!" chanted Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and all 52 mayors hope Mr. Obama hears their cries for immediate assistance and long term solutions to battle this drought.

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