Bizarre News-Repeat Lottery Winner

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - The hits just keep coming for Edward Williams -- the lottery hits. The Wichita, Kan., man won $75,000 in September on a 10-buck scratch-off ticket. Last Wednesday he hit another jackpot, for a whole lot more money. Williams matched all the numbers in the Super Kansas Cash drawing to win a jackpot worth nearly $900,000. That works out to more than $627,000 after taxes. The 47-year-old Williams says he's saving his latest winnings for an early retirement at age 55. He has some simple advice for other would-be lottery winners -- keep playing.

MILFORD, Ohio (AP) - The FBI wants better dressed bank customers. But fashion isn't the issue. The FBI and police in Ohio are asking bank patrons not to wear hooded sweat shirts, sunglasses and hats. The Feds say discouraging hoodies and shades has reduced robberies in other parts of the country. The FBI is asking banks to post signs that say such clothing fits a robber's profile. A spokeswoman for the American Banking Association says most financial institutions view the dress code as a request rather than a requirement.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) - College football fans will be seeing a lot less of Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen this season. The Terrapins head coach has lost 105 pounds. Friedgen won't say how much he weighed when he started his diet last October. Let's just say he was way past the 300-pound mark. The coach's new look was a hot topic at yesterday's media day at the College Park campus. Friedgen's battle of the bulge is also being noticed by his players. Senior quarterback Chris Turner says the coach's dedication and hard work is an inspiration to the squad.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - The legal flag flap is over in Sin City. The 109-foot-tall flagpole has come down at a Las Vegas car dealership. The Towbin Automotive Group lost its appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court to keep the pole and a giant flag. Flagpoles in Vegas are restricted to 40-feet, unless the City Council grants an exemption. Neighbors had complained about loud flapping noises on windy days.

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) - It's gross -- but it's probably not a crime. A Florida woman was conned into changing diapers and caring for a man who claimed he was disabled. Janet Schulte says she met the man through Craigslist. She was hired by the man's supposed brother to bottle-feed and change the diapers of an adult patient. Well, it turns out the alleged brother and the allegedly disabled man were the same guy. Schulte says authorities have told her that, even though she was lied to, it doesn't look like a crime was committed. Schulte says she was paid $600 a week for her services.

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - The purse-snatching victim is -- a three-year-old. Police in Wilmington, Del., report a three-year-old girl had her purse stolen in a deli. It happened yesterday, as the youngster was waiting in a line with her aunt. The toddler had a few dollars in change in the purse. The whole thing was captured on surveillance video. Police say Walter Brown was later arrested and is now charged with second-degree robbery.

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