Jury Listens to Police Interviews in Hawk Trial

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Hanford police investigators showed jurors a stun gun Monday, in the murder trial of Dave Hawk.

Hawk is accused of killing his ex-wife, Debbie, in June 2006 after prosecutors claim she discovered he was stealing money from their children's trust funds.

A Hanford Police Detective testified, the stun gun had no D.N.A. on it that was linked to Debbie Hawk's murder. Investigators also showed the jury several other guns that Dave Hawk had in his house.

Prosecutors expect to rest their case as early as tomorrow. "We're in the process of explaining the crime scene and we'll be continuing to two friends of Debbie to put in context the last few days of her life," said Prosecutor Larry Crouch.

"The fact is, after all this investigation there's no physical evidence that leads to the conclusion that Dave did it," said Mark Coleman.

Tuesday, one of Dave Hawk's friends may testify in the trial.


Dave Hawk Trial Notes | Monday 8/17/2009

Prosecutors played a taped interview of Dave and Debbie Hawk's daughter, Chelsa, talking with Detective Daren Matteson. In it, Det. Matteson asked Chelsa if she knew of any other trust funds that were set up for her and her brother and sister. She said she was aware there was a "college fund" set up by Dave's parents. Prosecutors are trying to prove that the money that Dave took out of their trust funds was for college and not for their every day expenses.

A former Kings County District Attorney investigator also took the stand. Randy Ebner testified he and another investigator were performance surveillance on Dave Hawk during the early morning hours of the 14th. Hanford Police called Dave and asked him to come to the station for an interview. Ebner testified that he and another investigator were parked in an unmarked car down the street from Dave Hawk's house. Ebner testified he saw Dave Hawk pull out of his house driving his white Suburban truck and then stop an intersection across from where the investigators were parked. Ebner said Dave had his right turn signal on but paused at the intersection for "about 20 seconds." Ebner testified Dave Hawk then drove forward, towards the investigators, swerved over the wrong side of the road and pulled up next to the investigator's car. He then looked at the investigators. At this point, Ebner testified that the other investigator (who was in the driver's seat) turned on the headlights of the unmarked car they were in and Ebner says he stepped out of the vehicle and pointed his gun at Dave Hawk. Ebner testified Hawk then drove off and parked at the Hanford Police Station. Ebner says he and the other investigator were wearing bullet-proof vests and shirts that read "Kings County District Attorney's Office" on it.

Later in the afternoon, a woman who used to live on Lilly Street in Fresno testified that her dog was barking very loud and scratching at their front fence sometime between 2:00 and 5:00am the week Debbie was killed. She testified she saw Debbie's van parked outside her house the next day. The woman called the Fresno Police Department after she saw it parked in the same location the following day.

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