Bizarre News-Dude, That's My SUV

GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) - Dude, That's My SUV! Anthony McRae was on his way to the police station in Gillette, Wyo., to report his Ford Bronco had been stolen. That's when McRae spotted his stolen ride and confronted the 16-year-old driver. The teen made a run for it, but a suspect was arrested a short time later. Police say McRae saw his Bronco and began following it. The driver pulled over wanting to know why he was being tailed. When McRae told him, the teen jumped out and ran.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Now, you can do some whale watching, even from your landlocked cubicle in Kansas. Award-winning documentary maker David Anderson has mounted seven cameras and an underwater viewing pod on his 50-foot, high-speed Catamaran. Web surfers can go along for a virtual whale watching ride at Anderson says his cruises off the Southern California coast are now like a reality show -- but the whales and dolphins are the stars.

NEW YORK (AP) - Houdini is an escape artist, too. But unlike the famed magician, this Houdini has a furry tail. New York City animal control workers had their hands full trying to catch a 25-pound male raccoon that's taken a liking to City Hall. Houdini was captured yesterday afternoon, but figured out how to get of out the cage. An animal control worker managed to get him a second time and dubbed him Houdini. The man says Houdini is the strongest raccoon he's ever seen. Officials are now evaluating Houdini for eventual release -- a long way from City Hall.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - Gone fishin'. But a Maryland lawyer's time at a creek was on behalf of his client. Washington County Assistant Public Defender Charles Bailey went fishing for evidence. He used a magnet to pull a gun from Antietam Creek in just 30 minutes. The recovered gun backs up his client's story about an armed robbery. Prosecutors promised a reduced sentenced for the suspect's cooperation. Bailey tells a local paper (The Hagerstown Herald-Mail) his client gets a jail term of 18 months instead of four years.

MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) - You've heard all about Cash for Clunkers. But how about Cash for Bike Clunkers? Lakeshore Bike in Marquette, Mich., is launching its own version of Uncle Sam's economic stimulus program. The owner tells a local TV station (WLUC) he'll offer at least 25 bucks for working bikes in a trade for new two-wheel rides. The old bikes will be reconditioned or recycled.

UNDATED (AP) - What would you rather find on your hotel pillow -- a chocolate or a sleeping pill? A new poll finds almost half of those asked would opt for a pill. Research firm Studylogic surveyed 12,500 adults who take an average of at least two trips a year. The poll was conducted for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Fifty-one percent said they would prefer a perfect night's sleep to great sex. And what's preventing them from getting a good night's sleep? Could be all those beeping gizmos. The poll found 60 said their BlackBerries and the like disturb their rest.

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