Bizarre News-Video Print Ads

NEW YORK (AP) - There's no escaping TV ads - even when you're reading a print magazine. An upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly will include an embedded video player with commercials for CBS and Pepsi. The player comes in a heavy-paper package like those novelty greeting cards that play back recorded sounds. A roughly two-inch screen starts playing automatically as the page flips open. CBS isn't saying how much it's paying for the spread. The print-video player will have promos for CBS' fall shows.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Brett Favre isn't the only one expecting a big payday, thanks to his comeback. The Indianapolis-based official merchandiser of Minnesota Vikings gear also stands to gain big. Jerseys, T-shirts for both men and women, and even beer glasses are in the company's product line. Many will have Favre's name or his legendary number 4. It looks like MainGate had an inside track on the Favre signing. The CEO says they've been preparing for months for Favre's comeback with the Vikings.

SPRING CITY, Pa. (AP) - Cathy Calhoun has gone from bank teller to bank owner. She now lives in her old bank building that she's renovated as a home. Calhoun worked at the National Bank of Spring City outside Philadelphia in the 1970s. She's now a jeweler. One vault is the sauna, while the old safe deposit vault is a gleaming bar. Calhoun says there are still more 200 locked safe deposit boxes in her bank. She's already opened about 50. She says she's found everything from old coins to love letters from a man's mistress of more than 40 years.

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. (AP) - Sorry doesn't count for much - when you're robbing a bank. Police in North Andover, Mass., are looking for man who held up a credit union earlier this week. Lt. Paul Gallagher tells The Eagle-Tribune the robber said he was "sorry" as he ran away. He soon may be feeling a lot sorrier. Police say they've recovered the suspect's fingerprints on $100 bills he dropped as he made his getaway.

NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) - The police chief in North Bend, Ore., calls it a "high risk, low reward" target. A thief tried ripping off the police station. The chief (Steve Scibelli) says it's "pretty embarrassing." He says suspect Robert Lloyd Finder managed to get away with a radio, two stun guns and a Crown Vic patrol car. Most of the on-duty officers where away at the time on an assault call. The chief says Finder later told officers he noticed nearly all the police cars were gone and he thought he'd give it a try. The Register-Guard newspaper reports Finder was caught the next day when he tried selling some of the stolen police gear. He now faces just about every charge police could think of, from burglary to reckless driving.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - It's a roller coaster for the iPod generation. People these days are used to programming their own playlists on digital media players. Now, they can play DJ on the new coaster at Florida's Universal Orlando. The new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit allows riders to choose from about 30 songs in five genres, including rap, country and classic rock. The ride was originally supposed to open in the spring. But it took several extra months to work out the bugs. The Rockit features the world's largest non-inverted loop and can be seen from all across the park.

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