Social Networking Etiquette

Washington Even though you may be Facebook friends, some say there is still such a thing as TMI, or too much information.

"I just don't' want to know what someone's doing every second of the day."

People connected through Facebook or Twitter seem to have a megaphone at their fingertips, updating their whereabouts, and what they're doing, at any time, any place. Tech experts recommend good social networking etiquette to keep your friend status.

"Update people as you would want them update you. Don't post boring update after boring update," said Mark Sullivan with P.C. World.

There are different kinds of annoying habits, the self promoting updates, and people that are looking for sympathy who post depressing statuses.

Also the cutesy but dreaded "poke."

"If you're over 15 years of age, don't poke," said Sullivan.

And picture posters, who upload photos of that late night out or tag you with pictures from the past. Remember, your audience could include people you work with.

"You have your professional life and your personal life kind of merge into one."

"Not a good combination?"

"Not always."

On Facebook you can use privacy settings to limit who sees what and the amount of content you get in your feed and on Twitter, third party sites like or can be useful to tune out some of that annoying on-line chatter.

Experts say the ideal social networker is someone who posts personal and engaging post that are interesting to those following.

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