Kidnap suspect jailhouse interview

California News Action News Reporter Amy Hollyfield has the disturbing jail house interview with the man now under arrest.

He's accused of snatching eleven year old Jaycee Dugard while she was walking to her bus stop, holding her captive for 18-years, and fathering two children with her. But Phillip Garrido sounds like he's full of pride when he talks about it.

Phillip Garrido said: "In the end this is going to be a powerful heartwarming story, one that you're going to be really impressed it's going to make world news ".

Garrido called a news reporter from jail Thursday, and told him to go to the FBI offices in San Francisco where he dropped off a document that he says will explain everything.

Phillip Garrido said: "I guarantee as time goes on you'll get pieces of the story in a powerful manner When you get these documents in your hands you're going to fall over. "

He wouldn't talk about Jaycee Dugard, saying he needs legal representation first. But the details investigators released about the last 18 years of her life are anything but heartwarming.

Fred Kollar, El Dorado County Undersheriff said: "Her and the two children were living in a series of sheds there was one shed entirely sound proof could only be opened form the outside, another shed that had more access to the public and two tents ".

The two children are the two girls Garrido fathered with Dugard. Officers say Dugard has lived in Garrido's backyard in Antioch since she was abducted in South Lake Tahoe 18 years ago.

Her stepfather witnessed the kidnapping, and has been haunted by it ever since. He and Dugard's mother had given up hope that she would ever be found alive.

Carl Probyn, Jaycee's Step-Father said, "And now to get her back alive it's like winning the lotto, to get her back alive and she sounds like she's ok to a point I don't know mentally what she's gone through and to have these people in jail, it's just".

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