Saving Money with Kid's Cell Phone Plans

Fresno, CA More kids than ever are dialing into telecommunications technology and when it comes to kids and cell phones, there are a few rules of thumb:

First, most kids text, they don't call. So you want to get a phone like this Verizon LG ENV3 which has a keyboard for texting.

Then, talk about a texting plan. You can buy an unlimited package because individual texts costs far more money.

And while you're at it, make sure you get a lesson in the ABC's texting as well, because soon, this may be the only way to reach those kids.

You can also buy different plans for different ages. Younger kids don't need to make as many calls. You may only be getting them a phone so they stay connected with you. So get a phone that limits calls to certain pre-programmed numbers like yours, the neighbors, their school or the police.

For teens you can buy a pre-paid plan and try to teach them how to portion out calls and texts. That way you're only paying for the calls you actually make which can lead to big savings.

Before you learn the hard way, it's also a really good idea to call your carrier and turn off premium texting services. That way, your kids can't accidentally sign up for something they think is free, like the ring tone of the week club. Many carriers charge you for megabyte usage even if your child just hits the key by accident. So if you want to avoid unnecessary downloading charges, turn off the mobile internet feature on the phone.

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