Man & Dog shot in Fresno

Fresno, CA The victim's family said 45-year-old Marty Rodriguez was paralyzed from the neck down from the shooting. His family is at his bedside tonight also hoping their dog will pull through. The dog will undergo surgery tomorrow to remove the bullet still lodged in its neck.

Friends said Marty Rodriguez just wanted to get a good night's rest when he asked his 60-year-old next door neighbor to turn down his stereo.

Maxine Miskell said "He gets up at 4 in the morning so he was wanting it turned down a little bit so he could get some sleep."

Instead Police said the suspect Thomas Wiley went outside angry and armed. Witnesses say they never expected him to pull out a gun.

"Neighbors say the suspect had been drinking beer and listening to loud music all afternoon when he confronted his complaining neighbor right here. You can see the hole in the window after it went into the victim's neck it went into his apartment and hit his dog."

Neighbors say Wiley would often complain about the victim's dogs going to the bathroom in his yard. The white dog napping here next to the black one is the one who was shot.

Tony Bennink, Fresno Police Department said: "We do know that there were problems between the victim and the suspect in the past. We also know that the suspect has created problems in this apartment complex in the past also."

In the complex where everyone knows each other, most are still shocked that a neighbor they said was generally pleasant is accused of resorting to such a violent measure.

"I know them both the suspect a really good friend of ours he seems easy going. As far as the victim, I know them, we're really good friends with them, wonderful people, always out to help everyone in the neighborhood, very friendly."

The dog whose name is Bessie is at the SPCA Thursday night awaiting surgery. Medical staff is trying to keep her calm since the bullet is still stuck in her neck.

The victim, Marty Rodriguez, is in stable condition here, the suspect is in jail and will likely face charges of attempted murder.

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