Murder Suspect Outburst in Court

Fresno, CA Dareshae Dews is accused of killing a man in his Central Fresno home in July. Dews wants the murder case to more forward very quickly. He came to court to have his preliminary hearing. His attorney wanted a delay- a request that made dews very upset. Dews said, "Watch out lady. What are you doing? These are my papers. You just got them out so just hold up. Let me read these. I know what I'm doing."

Dews took direct aim at one of his defense attorneys. Dews tried to read the judge a Department of Justice report analyzing DNA from the crime scene. His attorney tried to stop him. Dew said, "What the f*** man, that s*** doesn't make no sense. Your honor, this paper says I have a positive match with my DNA… Last week on the 17th, nah man, just listen to what I got to say man 'cause I ain't getting treated right. F*** that!

Dews just admitted in open court is DNA may be linked to Arthur Lopez's murder. Police found Lopez dead at his Central Fresno home in July. While investigators won't say much about the crime, a search warrant indicates Lopez suffered multiple wounds to his back. Dews has been charged with using a knife to commit murder.

We showed the video to ABC 30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi. He explains that Dew's outburst could make it more difficult to defend him in court. The statement will be deleted from his trial. That will not come into the case. What will come in is the report showing his DNA tied in to the crime scene."

Judge Rosendo Pena granted the delay upsetting the defendant. Capozzi said, "A psychiatrist should be appointed to examine him to determine whether or not he is competent. Can he aide in his defense in working with his lawyer? I think those are questions that need to be answered."

Dew's defense attorney declined to talk about the case. The case is scheduled to return to court on September 24.

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