Unemployed Seek Work on Labor Day in the Valley

Fresno, CA National unemployment numbers have climbed to a 26-year high at 9.7%. In July the unemployment in Fresno County was 15%.

Sandra Goodsoozian lives in Fresno, is hard working, proficient in accounting and single. But she's not looking for a date, she's looking for a job. "When the right person finds me, they're gonna have the best employee they've ever had. And those who bypass have lost out on the best employee they would've ever had," said Goodsoozian.

Goodsoozian has managed to keep her positive outlook despite losing her job last October. "I took a temp job one day where they call it a survival job sometimes you'll take. And it might be just a day for $12 an hour but you take jobs where you can find them," she said.

Nearly one in ten American's is without a job right now. Sandra Goodsoozian said in order to get by, she has to rely on her parents. "They are my biggest cheerleaders. My dad gets out there and tells everybody he knows that his daughter needs a job."

But when she can't find work there is always the classroom and employment resource centers like this one at Fresno City College.

"There's a lot of people like her looking for work," said Mary Beth Wynn.

Wynn is a job hunting coach. She lines up people with the appropriate employers and if she can't find a job for you, she'll find a way to train you for one.

However, she too is battling budget cut backs from the state. "Are we going to be cut? So we're kind of scrambling to be creative and how to be successful and get people employed."

Goodsoozian's greatest fear right now is a medical emergency. "Recently went to the doctors… you pay cash. You cross your fingers they don't ask you to take any tests," she said.

Until that job offer comes, accountant and hard worker Sandra Goodsoozian will be in part time classes polishing skills and searching job boards.

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