Fresno Firefighters Chase after Kidnapping Suspect

Fresno, CA Frances Cox said: "This guy was motioning this little boy, 'Come here come here.' I pulled up to the curve and I asked the little boy, 'Do you know who that is?' And he said 'No I don't know who that is.'"

Frances Cox knew right away something wasn't right and her grandmotherly instincts kicked in. They happened to be right in front of Fresno Fire Station 12.

Frances Cox said: "I said well you go to the fire station right now. "

Mrs. Cox said the little boy, who may be about 10 years old was terrified. Then, as the child told firefighters what happened, the would-be kidnapper came back.

Frances Cox said: "The fireman asked me is that the truck? I said that's the truck. So they took off in the fire truck after the guy."

The suspect flew down Shaw, in the wrong lane, against oncoming traffic. Firefighters stayed on the right side of traffic and turn by turn, updated Police on the radio until they could pick up the pursuit.

But the mammoth Fire Engine was no match for the speeding pickup truck.

Sgt. Richard Mendoza, Fresno Police Department said: "The vehicle did some erratic driving; they finally decided not to follow it anymore because it became too hazardous."

The suspect ducked into a residential neighborhood, crashed into a parked car and took off again.

Ted Semonious, Fresno Fire Department said: "The woman that advised the child to go to the fire station did absolutely the right thing."

Frances Cox said: "Well yea I scared him off. I was scared for the boy; I was really scared for him."

Mrs. Cox is glad she was able to save the boy from a potentially dangerous child predator.

Frances Cox said: "I'm very glad. And I think more people should. If it looks suspicious then question it."

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