Bizarre News-Store Porn

FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) - It's one way to test TV's -- an X-rated way. Police have charged two young Oklahoma guys with playing a porno DVD on the TV's at a Wal-Mart. Twenty-year-olds Cody Allen Sexton and Kenny Dean Andrews were busted on a felony obscenity complaint at a Wal-Mart in Fort Smith, Ark. Police charge the two put the X-rated DVD into a player that was connected to six televisions. The DVD was removed when a customer notified a store manager.

OAKLAND, Neb. (AP) - Artist Roger Maller is egg-cited. He just doesn't paint on canvas, he paints on eggs, too. He began painting farm scenes on eggs while still a pharmacist in Oakland, Neb. One of his eggs was even displayed at the White House. So, what's the attraction of egg painting? He tells the Fremont Tribune it's art that people can pick up and hold.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Tagger Steve Powers is back at work in West Philly. But this time he has an OK from city officials. The former graffiti artist has created a series of rooftop murals that can be seen by commuters from elevated trains. They're love notes with messages like "Your everafter is all I'm after." But Power says his "Love Letter" is for the entire city, not a specific person. He hopes the mural project will help heal an area hit hard by drugs and violence.

MILFORD, Texas (AP) - At 6-foot-3, no one's likely to give blacksmith Cliff Yeary any grief about his wardrobe. The Milford, Texas, smithy prefers a leather kilt when he's working. For dressier occasions, he'll don a wool tartan kilt. His garment of choice reflects his Scottish heritage. But Yeary says the kilts have one big advantage over pants. He tells a local paper (Waxahachie Daily Light) kilts are " unbelievably comfortable to wear."

LIBERTY, Ky. (AP) - It's quite a deal. The town of Liberty, Ky., is offering free rent. Liberty is trying to attract new businesses to its downtown. So, firms that relocate to one of the old, vacant buildings won't have to be pay rent for a year. While the buildings may be old, they're not eyesores. One official tells the Advocate-Messenger the buildings are spruced up and freshly painted. The freebie offer is attracting interest. Officials say five companies have accepted and more are on the waiting list.

PEKIN, Ill. (AP) - Gun collector Robert Mercer always wanted his very own cannon. He couldn't afford to buy one, so he made his own. Last year, the Pekin, Ill., man learned of a cannon barrel for sale. It had been made by another collector who never finished the Civil War-era howitzer. After mulling it over for several weeks, Mercer bought it. Mercer and his sons carved the carriage for the cannon out of a white oak beam that weighed 700 pounds. He has even fired his cannon. But Mercer tells the Daily Times newspaper he may have to sell it for economic reasons. He adds at $7,500 his cannon would be a steal.

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