Fresno Police Officer Delivered Baby

Fresno, CA Chance and circumstance brought this newborn baby girl and a Fresno Police officer together Wednesday afternoon. With no training in baby delivery, a police officer on the job for just six months experienced what most officers never will.

Officer Amanda Galaviz said, "At first, I told her not to push. I didn't know how far along she was at that point, she had all her clothes on."

Galaviz soon realized, the seven pound baby was not waiting to enter the world, and the officer had to think fast.

"There was a lot of pressure. A lot just me thinking about what to do when the baby comes out, where I'm going to put her and just dealing with the dad, because I know he was really nervous," said Officer Galaviz.

Fernando Gonzalez smiled as he held his daughter. He said his wife was only in hard labor about an hour when the baby was born. He lost all sense of direction at the time.

"I called 9-1-1 and they asked where are you. What address are you at. I really didn't know. I was nervous," said Gonzalez.

Officer Galaviz first spotted Fernando at this intersection. He was talking on his cell phone, driving and trying to flag her down. Then he ran up to her car, frantically trying to tell her something. But she doesn't speak Spanish and he doesn't speak English.

"We started doing gestures, he started to show me his wife was pregnant and I could see that she was in labor. A few minutes passed and I realize she was so far along that I couldn't get her to the hospital in time," said Officer Galaviz.

When the baby emerged her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Once the officer unraveled it and wiped her face, she started to cry. Thursday the officer returned to check on the baby, take a picture and hold her again.

Officer Galaviz said, "I told the parents name her after me, but they said the name was already planned. By far, it's the most exciting experience I've had in a good way."

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