President Obama Health Care Media Blitz

The President sat down with five tv networks: Abc, Cnn, Nbc, Cbs and Univision, all to be aired on Sunday morning.

President Obama has become the face behind the charge for reform. But some believe, it could be too much

David Gergen, Former Presidential Advisor said: " Americans want to hear from their president, they want to hear from Barrack Obama but if you're in their faces a lot, they tend to lean back not lean toward you when they're listening to you".

Even the First Lady is participating in the fight for health care reform. In an event in Washington Friday, Michelle Obama, appealed to representatives of the health-care industry to "mobilize like you've never mobilized before

Michelle Obama said: "No longer can we sit by and watch the debate take on a life of its own. It is up to us to get involved, because what we have to remember is that now more than ever, we have to channel our passions into change. "

The healthcare debate has been complicated recently by the issue of race, particularly after former President, Jimmy Carter, suggested that many of the Obama's opponents are motivated by race.

President Obama said: "Are there some people who don't like me because of my race? I'm sure there are. Are there some people who only vote for me because of my race? I'm sure there are some of those too. The overwhelming part of the American population, I think, is following this debate and they are trying to figure out is this going to help me? Is health care going to make me better off?"

That will be one of many questions to be hashed out in the Sunday morning media blitz.

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