Bizarre News-Patrol Cars Surrendered

CAIRO, Ill. (AP) - In these tough times, lots of folks are losing their cars to the repo-man -- including the cops. The sheriff's department of Alexander County, Ill., is turning over five patrol cars to a bank because of nonpayment. Sheriff David Barkett says he surrendered the patrol cars after talking to bank officials. His department in Southern Illinois is in one the areas of the state hit hardest by the Great Recession. It's not clear how many cars the department has left.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A New York lawyer is in trouble for trading sex for legal work. An Albany, N.Y., jury has convicted Matthew Swedick on one misdemeanor count of official misconduct. The jury heard tapes client Latoya Gorton secretly recorded. Prosecutors charged Swedick promised to work harder on her drug case if she would have sex with him. Swedick testified he had a sexual relationship with the client that had nothing to do with his legal work. His lawyer says they'll appeal the conviction.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Someone's good luck is about to turn bad. In just a matter of hours, a $250,000 winning lottery ticket will become worthless. The Mega Millions ticket turns into a pumpkin at 5 p.m. The Virginia Lottery says the ticket was bought at a suburban Richmond 7-Eleven for the March 27th drawing. The winning ticket matched the first five numbers, but missed the Mega Ball. But none of that will matter if the jackpot winner misses the deadline. Officials say if the jackpot isn't claimed, the money goes into a state education fund.

ROME (AP) - An accused Mafia don is now without his croc. Italian authorities report they've seized a crocodile used by an alleged Naples mob boss to intimidate local businessmen. Italy's anti-Mafia police say the mob boss would threaten to feed business owners to the crocodile if they didn't pay protection money. It was an offer they couldn't refuse. The suspected don wasn't busted, but police say he's under investigation for illegal possession of an animal.

HONOLULU (AP) - Cows fly -- but not over the moon. In this case, a cow gave birth while on a flight from California to Hawaii. Big Island-based Island Dairy chartered a jet to bring over a herd of 50 pregnant cows earlier this month. Island Dairy herd manager Adam Beard says there were 51 animals when the plane landed. A bull calf was delivered somewhere over the Pacific. The cows weren't due to give birth for about a month. But Beard says the stress of flying might have contributed to the early birth. They're calling the little bull "Air-born."

KIMBERLY, Idaho (AP) - This spud's for you. That's the pitch farmers and researchers are making to McDonald's. It's been seven years since Mickey-D's has added a new potato variety for french fries. Researchers at the University of Idaho are testing a number of potato variants, hoping to ID a new variety that can make the McDonald's cut. And it's no small potatoes. McDonald's is a huge spud buyer, 3 billion pounds a year around the world.

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