Bizarre News-UMD Campus Porn

ADELPHI, Md. (AP) - Campus porno is a hot issue at the University of Maryland. The system's Board of Regents has until December 1 to develop a policy, as mandated by the state legislature. University of Maryland, Baltimore County's student government has voted to condemn any anti-porn policy. Opponents say it would on infringe on their free speech rights. The controversy follows the planned screening of an X-rated film at the University of Maryland, College Park, campus earlier this year.

MIAMI (AP) - It's high fashion for the highly worried. Some people are buying clothes that can stand up to bullets. Colombian designer Miguel Caballero is now offering his bullet-resistant styles in Miami. Polo shirts start at about four-grand. An Italian leather jacket, with a low-level of ballistic protection, runs nearly six-K. The clothing looks normal, but is quite a bit heavier than unarmored clothing. Caballero says he's looking to incorporate cashmere and other luxury touches in bullet-resistant clothing for women.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - It's easy to spot U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake. He's the guy wearing blaze orange. Westlake is the Republican challenger to Democratic incumbent Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Westlake says he'll be wearing his bright orange hunting gear to every campaign appearance leading up to the 2010 election. Westlake notes he's a political newcomer and an avid hunter. He says he wants people to be able to find him.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) - Police say the GPS device did its job -- tracking a parolee to a bank stickup. Officers in Santa Clara, Calif., report Garry Lee Damon is being held on suspicion of bank robbery. According to investigators, a parole agent recognized Damon from a bank surveillance photo. A check of the GPS tracking device showed he was at a Citibank branch at the same time the bank was held up Monday afternoon. Damon had been wearing the high-tech tracker as a condition of his release from prison.

EATON, Colo. (AP) - Girls playing football is still controversial. And it led to a fight between two youth football coaches in Weld County, Colo. Officials of the county Boys & Girls Clubs have benched coach Nate Hernandez. There's a girl on Hernandez's team. He and another coach got into an argument over whether the 11-year-old girl would allowed to play in a scrimmage with boys. According to a police report, the other coach said he was pushed and punched by Hernandez. Hernandez says he should have just walked away. He tells The Denver Post he takes responsibility for what happened and feels badly. The other coach says he doesn't want to press charges.

SLIDELL, La. (AP) - Police in Slidell, La., are looking for a naked guy. Capt. Kevin Foltz says a nude man broke into a home, cooked a meal, had several drinks and took a shower. Foltz says the home's security video shows the man leaving wrapped in a sheet. The homeowner was away at the time. Police are releasing pictures of the nude intruder to local media, in hopes of getting an ID.

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