New Fresno Bar Features Breathalyzer Test

Fresno, CA One of the owners of the bar is an attorney and doesn't feel having the alcohol test machine makes him more liable for patrons who drink and drive.

The two-thousand dollar machine was purchased as a way to get customers thinking about how much they've consumed and their choices when they are done drinking.

Mykalyn Allen took the first shot at a new alcohol analyzer intended to give customers a glimpse of their blood alcohol level after they've had a few drinks.

For a dollar patrons can see just how intoxicated they are through a machine that Press Box owners say is not a scientific test but more of a novelty.

Press Box Co-Owner Nate Miller said, "The first time somebody gets a paz test a blood alcohol test they are usually on the side next to a police officer. Although ours is not accurate by any means, and you can't use it as a basis to determine whether or not you drive, it serves as awareness."

Along with their results users are reminded to use good judgment. Bar owner Nate Miller says posted disclaimers will warn customers, the machine is not calibrated near the standards of devices used at police checkpoints.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says there are a number of factors that must be considered when giving a truly accurate breath test.

Chief Dyer said, "Often times when you have your breath tested immediately after you've consumed alcohol. It may not register within your blood or your breath for a period of time. Nor does it impair your ability immediately."

Miller hopes customers use the machine as more of a conversation piece and form of entertainment, and less of a tool for competing to see who can blow the highest numbers. He wants to instead see customers use it to think twice before driving over the limit.

"One more thing between you and your car," said Miller.

The manufacturer of the alcohol analyzers says many bars on the east coast already use them, as do several in Southern California.

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