Bizarre News-Prostate Calendar Girls

"WYCKOFF, N.J. (AP) - A dozen New Jersey women are standing by the men -- naked. The ladies have shed their clothes and posed for a calendar to fight prostate cancer. The "Stand By Your Man" 2010 calendar sells for 20 bucks and benefits the Prostate Cancer Coalition of New Jersey. While the women are naked, their modesty is protected by some strategically placed props. Retired 71-year-old teacher Kathleen Garner is Miss February. She says the calendar is "a little risqué, but very tasteful."

BENSALEM, Pa. (AP) - How far would you go to get World Series tickets? Police in a Philadelphia suburb charge a woman offered sex in exchange for series seats. According to investigators, 43-year-old Susan Finkelstein posted an online ad on Craigslist. She said she's a die-hard Phillies fan and buxom blonde in desperate need of tickets. An undercover officer responded. Police say the woman offered to perform various sex acts for the tickets. She now faces prostitution and other charges. Her lawyer denied the allegations to KYW-AM.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - It's World Series time -- and time for those good natured wagers. But there really won't be a loser in the bet between New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. His Honor -- of the losing city -- will do community service for the winner. If the Phillies repeat as champs, Bloomberg will come to Philadelphia to help paint a mural at a recreation center. And he'll have to wear a Phillies jersey while he does it. If the Yankees win, Nutter will help paint the interior of a New York City school. Bloomberg says he's already picked out a Derek Jeter jersey for Nutter to wear. The series is set to begin tonight in New York -- if the weather cooperates.

UNDATED (AP) - It's a heavyweight battle over lightweight brews. The big brewers are now slugging it out over ultra-low-calorie suds. There's Miller Genuine Draft 64 and Select 55, from the maker of Budweiser. A regular Bud has 150 calories and 5 percent alcohol. But along with fewer calories, the ultra-light beers have less of a buzz. Mindy Rotellini, a 25-year-old graphic designer from St. Louis, says the new brews are "kind of watery." She adds it's tough to feel the alcohol. Beer connoisseur John LeMasney isn't willing to cut taste while cutting calories. He feels a good beer is 200 calories well spent.

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) - It's hot pizza -- delivered by people who really know hot. Some folks ordering pizza today in the Wausau, Wisc., area will have their pies delivered on fire trucks. The firefighters will also be handing out smoke detectors. It's part of a state program to increase awareness about the importance having smoke detectors in homes. Families ordering from participating pizzerias will be picked at random to have the fire truck delivery.

BALTIMORE (AP) - A giant pink flamingo is heading back to Cafe Hon (hun). The owner of the Baltimore restaurant was ordered to remove the neighborhood landmark because she didn't have the required city permit. The Baltimore Sun reports cafe owner Denise Whiting says she and the city have agreed on a licensing fee that will run around $400 a year. But she's mystified why the city waited so long to make an issue of her giant bird. She says the wire and fabric pink flamingo first went up seven years ago.

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