Bizarre News-Pornographic Christmas Cards

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) - It's an Xmas card -- with the emphasis on "X." A Tennessee man has been sentenced to two years' probation for sending out porno Christmas cards with a picture of his ex-girlfriend. David Simmons pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful photography and criminal impersonation. As part of the plea deal, he avoids prison time. Authorities accuse Simmons of taking hidden camera photos while his girlfriend performed sex acts on him. After a bad break-up, prosecutors say Simmons sent one of the sex pics to the woman's relatives as Christmas cards.

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas strip club owner Dawn Rizos is putting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the dog house. Rizos was set to receive an "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, from the group American Solutions for Winning the Future, led by Gingrich. But her honor was pulled, after it became known that she was the owner of a topless club. The group said it had mistaken her business for another. Rizos' $5,000 fee was also refunded. So she's donating the money to a shelter for pit bulls under construction near Dallas. Rizos says she'll invite Gingrich to the dedication of "Newt's Nook - A Home for Pit Bulls" next month.

NEW YORK (AP) - Now you can look just like Don Draper. Or at least wear his suit. Brooks Brothers is selling 250 "Mad Men Edition" suits, inspired by AMC's 1960s Madison Avenue drama. The gray sharkskin suits will be available through the season finale on Nov. 8. The fitted suits feature '60s detailing, including a two-button jacket with narrow lapels. But they have a 21st century price, just under $1,000.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Combine a 90-foot-long cannon, a 10-pound pumpkin and thin mountain air -- and what to do you get? A new "punkin chunkin" record. At least that's what the "Big 10 Inch Team" is hoping. They've brought their pumpkin-firing compressed air cannon from the East Coast to Moab, Utah, for the competition on Halloween. The current Guinness World Record for punkin chunkin in just under 4,500 feet. Team co-captain Ralph Eschborn says they hope to fire a pumpkin a mile. He says they've even brought their own pumpkins that the team believes are just right for flight.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A deputy assistant attorney general in South Carolina says he always has sex toys -- just in case. Police in Columbia report that's what Roland Corning told them. A police officer spotted the 66-year-old official and an 18-year-old stripper in a secluded part of a cemetery earlier this week. A police report says they sped off in Corning's SUV when the officer approached, but were pulled over a few blocks away. The report says the officer found a Viagra pill and several sex toys in the SUV. The police report was obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act. No arrests were made but yesterday Corning was fired.

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