Missing Tulare Man's Vehicle, Trailer Found Burned

Tulare, Calif. Police say they're investigating the few leads they've received in the disappearance of Bill Henry ... a Tulare landscaper who neighbors say, kept to himself.

More than a week has passed since neighbors on Tulare Street have seen 57-year old Bill Henry's landscaping truck parked in his driveway.

Linda Chajolla said, "We're all kind of wondering what happened to him you know and how come nobody has said anything the police were here last week one day."

Linda Chajolla says Henry kept mostly to himself but was busy every day with his landscaping business.

"He's a hard worker, worked long hours and he was a good neighbor he was friendly," said Chajolla.

She said it would be unusual for him to be gone from his house for so long, but police say what's most unusual is the fact his work truck and trailer were found burned in a rural field southwest of Tulare's city limits.

Sgt. Darron Altermatt said, "And that kind of struck to try and figure out what had happened with that. Come to the fact that no one had seen Mr. Henry since November 5th kind of in the late night hours at his home."

Police say Henry's family is worried about his safety. Investigators aren't ruling out foul play and are calling his disappearance suspicious. They say Bill Henry did a lot of landscape jobs for people around town.

"Pretty much here in Tulare. he's here local and a lot of people know him locally and that's one of the reasons we want to put this out see if anybody that knows him might have seen him since the 5th," said Sgt. Altermatt.

Bill Henry is described as 5-foot-9, 160 pounds with brown-gray hair and brown eyes. He's 57 years old.

If you have any information call the Tulare Police Department.

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