Cheese of the Month: Combo Cheese

Mr. Food It's holiday time, so cheese boards are a party must-have. They're welcomed, festive, and easy for us, too. For something extra-festive for the holidays, try my Cheese of the Month: combo cheese, which comes in so many varieties, including:
  • Five layers of English cheeses
  • Cheeses with apricots, blueberries and sage
  • Cheese with onions and chives
  • Cream cheese with cranberries
  • Cheeses flavored with pesto, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes
That's only the beginning, because there are Cheddar-based ones that also add color to our festivities – like spreadable, nut-covered cheese rolls and cake-type slices that have 2 or 3 flavor combos of pink champagne and pistachios and port wine. Other types available include:
  • A layered cake-style cheese with Italian flavors of asiago, roasted peppers, and creamed Parmesan
  • Novel combo shapes that provide real holiday novelty, like flavor triangles of American Cheddar, Jack and Colby…all in one!
  • 4 American cheese flavors in a checkerboard shape
There are more than these in the markets, and you can even pick the price range you want. Remember, we eat with our eyes first, so why not start your festivities with something that's good-looking and good-tasting. Think about combo cheese and you've got a holiday party with a guaranteed...
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