Mr. Food: Last Minute Holiday Ideas

Mr. Food We've got some last-minute ideas for Thanksgiving and they all begin with some market shortcuts.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, and we're scrambling, hoping to cook it all from scratch! Not likely! But with a few market shortcuts, we can still look like eleventh-hour holiday heroes. From gravy mixes to ready-made pies, they've got us covered. We can turn store-bought into "wow" simply by choosing any of the many brands, flavors and varieties of packaged stuffing. They'll all work...and in no time, in our kitchen, we can give them a quick make-over!

We can prepare any of our store-bought stuffing according to the package directions. And maybe add in some chunked apples, pears, oranges, cranberries, diced veggies. Maybe mix in some chopped nuts or fresh herbs -- and that easily we've raised the bar on plain old basic!

For the gravy, you can start with canned or packaged and add in some wine or some sautéed mushrooms.

For dessert, a store-bought pie with our own garnish turns ho-hum into wow! And all it took to give it our own personal touch was a dollop of whipped cream, some candy corn, or a bit of fresh fruit! It's never too late to be homemade heroes. If we have a few tricks up our sleeves, we'll have them thankful we jazzed it up!

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