Bulldogs Final Home Game

FRESNO, Calif. Fans visiting the Bulldogs final home game of the season had plenty to cheer about Saturday.

The Bulldogs pulled out a close win--beating Louisiana Tech 30 to 28.

"It was so awesome. It so intense but yeah!"

"Well, it ended great. I was..I didn't know there for a while, but you just keep faith in them."

Fans showed up early to tailgate---and were greeted by the United States Marine Corps at the gate. They were there collecting toys and money for their annual Toys for Tots drive.

Still, Bulldog Stadium had plenty of open seats---about ten thousand of them. Some fans said they were disappointed star running back Ryan Mathews was out injured with a concussion.

"Ryan Mathews, he was the best thing going this year. Tonight he's out and the fans didn't show up like they should."

But the fans who did show up say Saturday's game exceeded their expectations.

They're looking forward to a potential bowl game----and a fresh start next season.

"Hey, we're bulldog fans. We're here, we're having a good time, and what else can we say, right? Good games, the whole season has been great."

"Are you still going to support the bulldogs next season? Of course. I have season tickets for ten years. I always come."

"Bulldogs rule, bulldogs rule, remember that!"

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