Motor City has no more car dealerships

Detroit It may be hard to believe, but the Motor City no longer has any car dealerships. The last auto dealer to operate in Detroit closed its doors for good on Friday.

Dalgliesh Cadillac opened 81 years ago. Through the years it employed seven kids and grandkids along with fifty others. But tough times forced GM to cut the dealer, leaving some hard feelings for the dealer's family.

Keith Dalgleish, employee said: "It's been very much like a death, the anger has been very difficult to get over, but I think after today getting this behind us is going to help a lot."

The 81 year old owner of the dealership says he isn't sure what he's going to do now.

Doug Dalgleish's father started the family run business and he said he's worked almost every single day of his life in the car business.

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