The "Other Man" Testifies in Deadly Clovis Love Triangle Trial

FRESNO, Calif. That discovery ultimately led to the stabbing death of Charlotte Ellis. Her husband Cantrell is now on trial for her murder.

Cantrell Ellis' childhood friend is the man who had an affair with the victim- Charlotte Ellis. Sadan Scott testified Monday. He told the jury ... His affair started with Charlotte about two months before she was killed.

Sadan Scott became emotional on the witness stand ... Recalling the night Charlotte Ellis was murdered. The two hid their affair from Charlotte's husband Cantrell Ellis ... The man now on trial.

In May 2008 ... investigators say Cantrell peeked inside his estrange wife's window. He saw Scott and his wife sleeping together. Cantrell then broke through the bedroom window.

Scott said, "The next thing I know I was being choked, tossed around. I thought I was still kinda dreaming ... I was thrown on the floor, thrown against the wall, by my neck."

Scott eventually saw Cantrell look for a knife. "He ran toward the kitchen and went behind the wall to grab for something," said Scott. "I grabbed the door, ran out the door, and he was chasing me, stating he was going to kill me."

The defendant is on trial for stabbing Charlotte to death and attempting to kill Scott. While the prosecutor wants to prove this was a planned murder ... the defense claims rage overwhelmed Cantrell when he discovered his wife having an affair with a family friend.

The defense is asking for a conviction on a lesser charge. The prosecutor now expects to wrap up his case before the Thanksgiving holiday. After that ... Cantrell Ellis is expected to testify in his own defense.

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