Retailers Optimistic About Holiday Shopping Season

Fresno, California "I would like to be here at midnight for sure, yes it's going to be the best time to come in well you gotta be here first come first serve kinda thing," said Jessica Henry.

Traditionally, stores used to open early on Black Friday. But this year, retailers are expanding their hours, and deals. For the first time, Fashion Fair will open at midnight on Thanksgiving. Wal-Mart will stay open for 36-hours straight, starting on Thursday, offering customers bargains like 100 toys for under ten dollars. Stores like Target and Best Buy are having pre-Black Friday sales going on right now.

Best Buy employee Joshua Almaraz said, "We like to hit those customers that like to do their shopping before the holidays come in. Basically, they can save a lot of money and enjoy the environment here at best buy also."

Still, there is some discouraging news for retailers. The National Retail Federation forecasts a one-percent decline in holiday sales. And more than two thirds of shoppers plan to use cash or debit cards, with credit card use expected to fall by more than 10-percent.

Kelly Pereira from Kerman said, "I'll still buy for the same people but cut back on what I spend probably."

But retailers are optimistic. Fresno State Marketing Professor Dr. William Rice says stores are being more aggressive, hoping shoppers will continue to come back throughout the holiday season.

"So they're trying to again plant a concept of primacy into the mind of the consumer that they are a leader of value this season," said Dr. Rice.

Stores are also offering deals online. This year, nearly 90-percent of all retailers are participating in Cyber Monday ... which falls the Monday after Thanksgiving. It's one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

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