C.S.U. and U.C. Application Deadline

FRESNO, Calif. "It's like a weight off of my shoulders," said Edison senior Rykeem Yates.

Yates said he waited partly because of procrastination, and because he needed help from his counselor to make sure everything is correct. "It's just so much work and stuff that I didn't know about."

High School Counselor Connie Cha said, "It can be simple like asking about a course in middle school or summer school they aren't sure how to report that."

Cha said they've held workshops at Edison for several months allowing students to ask questions about the application process. Counselors say more than 50-percent of Edison's graduating class has applied for college, 194 to Fresno State and 57 to a U.C., or out of state schools.

"With cutbacks in the state budget, there will be a lot of competition for entrance into the U.C. this year," said Patti Istas with U.C. Merced.

Last year more than 10,000 freshman applied to U.C. Merced; 34 hundred were accepted.

Fresno State officials say they've had a 60-percent increase in freshman applications but must reduce enrollment by 500 students.

U.C. Merced on the other hand, is expecting to take on more students next year. "Because we are the newest school. We were built and placed here to accept and grow students from throughout the state," said Istas.

Istas said if you miss the deadline, depending on circumstances and how many applications they've received, U.C. Merced maybe able to consider late applications.

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