Ellis Murder Trial to Continue Monday

FRESNO, Calif. Two witnesses claim- Cantrell Ellis assaulted and threatened to kill Charlotte if she divorced him. Charlotte eventually reported the incident to Clovis Police. Just 13 days later, investigators say Cantrell stabbed his wife to death after learning about her affair. Sadan Scott talked about a phone conversation he had with Charlotte Ellis. The two had an affair while Charlotte was separated from her husband, Cantrell Ellis, the man now on trial for murder. Scott also testified about an argument between Cantrell and the victim, "They are arguing about her leaving, and he said you are not leaving me, grabbed her and told her- no one is going to have you. I will kill you."

Just 13 days after that fight, police found Charlotte stabbed to death in May 2008 in her Clovis home. Cantrell admits he saw his wife in bed with Scott, broke in and killed the victim.

The defense fought hard to keep Scott's testimony out of the trial, but another friend-- Jennifer Pluto-- supported his story about the missed warning sign. Pluto testified, "She told me at the time, when he threw her to the ground, he told her if she left him this time, he would kill her."

The defense claims- the killing was not planned. Instead, it was an emotional reaction when Cantrell learned of Charlotte's affair. Earlier, the murder weapons were displayed for the jury. Prosecutor Mike Frye kept the two knives wrapped in plastic. Cantrell showed no emotion when he saw what killed his wife.

The defense expects to begin presenting their case on Monday-after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Cantrell is among the first witnesses to be called to testify.

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