Madera Soldier Injured in IED Blast

FRESNO, Calif. "The first words out of his mouth were Dad I'm OK, and I knew something happened," said Benny.

The call came shortly after the Humvee Munoz and the others were in was blown up.

"He just went on to say that they hit a land mine or and IED, and when he came through he was being loaded on a medi-vac helicopter."

Kenneth told his Dad he suffered a concussion, a sprained ankle and lots of bumps and bruises. Benny, a retired Madera Police Officer knows it could have been much worse.

"Well, I was relieved, knowing that he was hurt, but the biggest thing is he's alive and he's made it through."

Kenneth Munoz joined the Army in August. The former Madera High football player was honored at a game when he was home on leave earlier this month. A Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne, he'd been in Afghanistan just 18 days when the attack occurred.

"He chose to serve his country and he loves what he's doing," said Benny.

The President is expected to make a decision soon as to whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. Benny isn't sure it's a good idea. To him, more troops could mean more victims.

"You know, we have our men and women over there in harms way and it's to me senseless to put families through the pain they go through when there's a loss. And even to have your own son and daughter injured in such a way it can be devastating," said Benny.

Benny says because of his injuries there's a chance Kenneth will be coming home soon though it won't be in time for Thanksgiving.

"We will all be counting our blessings and there will always be a spot there for him," said Benny.

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