Thanksgiving in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. Heaping plates of mashed potatoes and turkey satisfied many valley families this holiday.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Poverello house is especially nice for families like Nicholl Moore, her boyfriend, and her five children.

Nicholl Moore, thanksgiving meal recipient said: "It's good when you are at the end of the month and you are low and you don't have money for a thanksgiving meal."

Kathryn Weakland, Dir. Devel Comm Poverello house said: "We want them to feel like they are in their kitchen they are in their living room, in their dining room with friends."

Kathryn Weakland, Dir. Devel Comm Poverello house said volunteers will serve nearly 800 needy families this holiday. She says these days there are more mouths to feed.

Kathryn Weakland, Dir. Devel Comm Poverello house said: "The economy has devastated, you think about the drought, the west side, the unemployment rate you put all those things together and it's just a domino effect."

But many are giving generously, last week the Poverello house needed 1,200 turkeys but only had 250.

Thursday they've exceeded their goals with more than 1,300 birds.

This mom and her two daughters are giving back this thanksgiving by serving others.

Sugar watkins, volunteer said: 'It doesn't matter where you spend time with your family as long as you're doing it. As long as you can spend time with them and help someone else all the better."

Venus Watkins, 11 years old said: "i wish i could do this everyday, but i have school."

by volunteering 11 year old Venus Watkins is thankful she has a home and food to eat: 'it's kind of sad seeing kids that have no food and some have shelter some don't."

Compassion for others has made this holiday special for those less fortunate.

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