Sierra Businesses Wait For Snow

FRESNO, Calif. Action News traveled into the mountains to see who's eagerly awaiting snow.

"Toe in first. Toe in first. There ya go."

This is Dax Sousa's annual ski outing after Thanksgiving. "The thing I like best about skiing is going fast and feeling the good wind," he said.

With a little leg muscle and help from his father...he takes to the slopes at Sierra Summit with his family.

Sousa: "They're fun to play with, they're really kind and they're loving."

This family adventure would not have been possible without a little man made snow.

"Water squirts out of these nozzles. The fan blows it up into the atmosphere and it freezes as it comes down," said Boomer Devaurs pointing at a snow maker.

Devaurs with Sierra Mountain Ski Resort said so far more people attended last week's seasonal opening. Only two lifts were open Friday. Devaurs is carefully watching the heavy clouds rolling into the Sierra.

Devaurs: "With night time temperatures if they drop we'll make snow in new areas and open new runs and news lifts as soon as we can."

On the eve of heavy snow people are naturally looking for wood to heat their homes. This machine right here can eat through 6 logs in only a minute.

"In the last week business has picked up probably 5 times," said Chris Carothers of Shaver Lake.

Carothers said this large pile of wood will not last long. He anticipates a large crowd will be stopping by this weekend.

Next door to Santa's shop this antique store is already seeing business boom with cooler weather.

Business owner Becky Botkin: "That will be good for business. It will mean that I'll have to shovel snow in the morning. But it'll be good for business."

Business owners said the more it snows on Sierra Summit the more chances they will have to earn new customers.

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