Xmas Tree Sales

FRESNO, Calif. Picking out the perfect Christmas tree, and carting it home is the start of the Christmas season for many.

Issac Nickell, Visalia said: "We know a lot of people who grab them after thanksgiving. It's part of our tradition for the past several years."

Danny Briach, Madera said: 'We make a day out of it, go to our house we set up the tree it's just fun."

Jim Cobb, owner of Cobb Ranch said based on opening day, sales look to be even higher than Christmas tree sales last year.

Jim Cobb, Cobb Ranch said: "Last year we had the highest sales and the most growth ever and it really wasn't a good economy last year."

According to the California Christmas tree association, good weather and adequate water helped produce high quality trees this year--which stabilized Christmas tree prices. However some valley tree growers said they've actually dropped prices.

Jim Cobb, Cobb ranch said: 'We're taking this recession seriously. We have some trees customers can cut themselves and save them some money.

Manager Spaul Spraetz said they have dropped the price of their trees this year and added 5 additional locations because people are traveling less for the holidays.

Paul Spraetz, The patch manager said: "With people wanting to stay at home that meant, we think it was a better choice to expand upon for that reaon."

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